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The North Carolina Fishing Pier Society (NCFPS) is an organization that is dedicated to preserving and enjoying one of North Carolina’s most treasured landmarks the fishing pier.  North Carolina fishing piers have a rich history and are widely recognized for their abundant catches and spectacular varieties. Several fishing records were caught on these piers and countless memories and stories have been netted as well. Indeed, these piers are a special place.



Skyrocketing coastal real estate values and rising operation costs in recent years have done what many a hurricane has failed to do and that is destroy these piers.  The land is becoming too valuable to operate a marginal business like a fishing pier and once the property changes hands the pier’s fate is almost certainly sealed.

  The NCFPS is dedicated to changing fate of these magnificent structures. The NCFPS is a non-profit organization and if the truth be known we have no funds. Even if we did, we would not know what to do with them anyway. Despite the lack of financial resources the NCFPS is a very active organization. Its mission is to promote the fun and excitement of pier fishing and to encourage people to go and take their families and have the time of their lives. That my friends could be the start of a movement might reverse the trend. At some point, we may support or campaign for political legislation that would assist in our efforts, but at present there is little that could help.




  The book is now available you should be able to find it in all of the usual places B & N, Amazon, Borders...
The price is $14.99. However as a special to NCFPS fans and members and for a limited time only.  I will be selling some signed copies for only $14.00 that is .99 off the selling price and shipping is free. There are two ways to get it you can either send me a check or money order for $14.00 or I can send you an Paypal invoice to your email address. Email me at  and let me know your preference.

Please indicate if you want the book signed or not and to who and if you want a special inscription let me know that as well too.

The Pictures above were taken this spring at the Frisco and Avon Piers. All of these anglers are shown with the first fish they had ever caught and they had a great time doing it. When the piers are gone where are we going to replace these memories?

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Find out how to save public access by going to the NCPAF Website.

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The 2007 World Tour is also offical click here to see pictures from it.


Frequently Asked Questions
How do I join NCFPS?

Email  with your contact information, address, email address, etc. We will send you a bumper sticker and your membership card.  Joining the NCFPS is free. Also, if you wouldn't mind tell us how you found out about us. We are trying to figure out where we should maximize our efforts. Thanks.

How can I join the 2007 World Tour?

Check the News and Facts Page for times and dates and it is open to anyone join for the entire trip, a day of piers or just a pier. Email  with your plans. Looking forward to seeing all of you.
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