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Coming Soon -  The Award Winning Book - The History of North Carolina Fishing Piers

Al Baird

Information on how you can get your signed copy will be here in the next couple of weeks.

Find out information about your favorite pier.

How did Oceanana get its name?
Which pier was the first pier?
Which pier featured a ride?
How many piers have had state record catches?

See what the people that know the author the best are saying about him:

"Amazing he actually wrote a book before he read a book" - His brother
"I would have thought he would have been in prison by now" - His high school English teacher
"I think you have him confused with someone else" - His sister
"It was just an excuse to do more fishing" - His wife
"Al, Who" - His favovite professor from college
"Don't give up your day job" - His editor

With glowing priaise like this how could you not want to read it?








































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