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From time to time I will design and purchase items for specfic events relating to NC Piers or the coast.  Most of the items are for fund raisers and are things that I at one point thought would be cool to have. I am going to start to put my inventory of items on this page and they will link to a Paypal button to by them. Of course if you would rather use an old fashion check you can email me at Roadkillal@aol.com and I will work with you for the details on how to purchase. In the description of the item is the information where the proceeds of the sale of that item will go. If it is to the NCPAF I will include on the recpeipt our TAX ID number.

A few items I have listed will be to help offset the costs of these websites. In other words I am not planning on making money on any of these items only to cover some of my costs of a very expensive hobby or to continue to raise money to assist public access projects.

Sale Items

Emerald Isle Pier Coffee Mugs - This is a great and unique gift that you can not find anywhere else. These are fishing mugs made from an old ad in the 1960s of the Emerald Isle Fishing formally Thompson's Steel Pier.  You cannot find these in stores only in my garage and once in a while on Ebay. But this is the lowest price anywhere. 

I am selling these for $12.00 for a set of 4. And shipping them in the USPS Flat Rate box for $10.50. I will send them anywhere in the USA for that so if you want to send it directly as a gift to someone else I will do that. Email me at Roadkillal@aol.com for details.

This is the file that I use to have them printed:

 Buy this cheap hat (NEW)  at  an amazingly cheap price (But it has a cool logo)

Only $6.00 includes shipping
Email me at Roadkillal@aol.com for payment details.

Introducing the Roadkillal Pier Postcard Collection. I have been a collector of post cards from North Carolina Fishing Piers for years and I have been disappointed at the current cards for piers. They either do not acurately depict the pier as it is currently or it is of some generic pier from someplace else. My postcards are of the actual pier and I know this because either I or someone I knew took the picture.

Now only on this website the first 3 cards of the collection are for sale. The price is $4.00 for all 3 cards and that includes shipping.  Additional sets can be added for $2.00 a set. Email me at Roadkillal@aol.com to purchase.

1.  "Sunrise at Rodanthe" - Taken July 2006
2.  "Looking Back at Sportsman's - Taken July 2007
3. "Last Day at Long Beach" - Taken December 31 2005, -The last day the pier was open
4. "Ghost Piers of Topsail Island" - Not Yet Available
5. "Trouble Ahead for Triple S" - Not Yet Available - Taken January 14, 2006 - Months before the pier was razed. Photo by David Duke.

New! 2010 North Carolina Pier Poster - Featuring contact information on all of the state's fishing piers.  This 11 x 17 inch poster is printed on 12 pound gloss paper. The cost is $5.00 for the first poster and $3.00 each after that. If you want a larger quantity email me for quantities. If you would like to take the picture section and add your own or promote your company on it I can arrange to have that done as well. Email me for details. If you just want to print and customize the poster yourself I can email you the Publisher file for free. Contact me at Roadkillal@aol.com

It prints  better than it looks.  Great for your fishing room or office. It makes a great gift or at least an ok one.  Also new the NCFPS 2010 Calendar and the Pier Listings with Fish Fin Identification Chart on top.

More later as I keep coming up with new ideas for the same old stuff.

Now you can select the content to go with the poster that you want:

Fish Chart
SE NC Air/Water Sunlight by Month
Fishing Pier Contact Information
2010 Calendar
NC Saltwater Records
Hurricane names by year 2006 - 2012

Even customize your content with a picture of yourself holding a fish or even your wife and dog:

 My wife has the hat on.

Even do posters to remember events or to promote future happenings

 This is affordable and the possiblities are endless. Email me at Roadkillal@aol.com to get started.

Coming soon Roadkillal's line of fishing pier postcards. They are unique and acurately depict the piers you just love to fish.

This is a complete set of 2007  World Tour Buttons one from every pier. Each button has the handsome  NCFPS fish with glasses logo in the center. All 20 piers that were fished are represented. There is one extra button to acknowledge Sportsman's Pier which was torn now the previous fall. The price for one set is $5.00 and $2.00 shipping.  You can email me for details at Roadkillal@aol.com or a Paypal button will be coming soon. Proceeds from this sale will go to help defer the costs of this website.

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