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Johnnie Mercer's Pier                   9th Annual Dogfish Tournament
January 25, 2014

 The 2014 Dogfish Tournament  

 Johnnie Mercer's Pier
  January 25th   - 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

                                                    The 2013 Dogfish Participants


Everyone gets an individually numbered button

Why I should fish the dogfish?

* There is not a better reason to get out over the water in January.

 * It is a great event for all from the novice to the expert.

* $5.00 entry fee per rod (pier pass not included -  $8.00 per rod)

* Prizes and trophies awarded.

* Special Blind Bogey Prize 

 2013 Dogfish Sponsors and Gift Contributors
(Please contact Roadkillal@aol.com if your company or business wants to participate)

North Carolina Fishing Pier Society
Sea Gull Motel - 910 256-3728
   North Carolina Public Access Foundation


2013 Grand Prize donated by Linden Custom Rods


Click here for pictures of Dogfish Events from the past:

Check out what people are saying about the tournament and other happening at Mercer's by going to the pier's message board.


Weather Forecast for the Dogfish Tournament
 Will be updated closer the event.

Could it get this bad?

We could only hope!!!!!!!!!

The Silver Gull Motel                                                          Mercers from the Silver Gull

The Silver Gull Motel (right across the street is offering a $60.00 a night room special for the event. Tell them you are with the Dogfish Tournament. 


 Visit Tex's Tackle for all of your fishing needs on the way to the Dogfish Event:   




We are looking for sponsors to donate prizes for the 2014 Dogfish. If you know of any please email me at  Roadkillal@aol.com  


About the Tournament:

   * It is open to anyone that wants to participate.
   * The $5.00 entry fee per rod does not include your pier permits
   * Fishing location on the pier is determined on a first come first serve basis
   * Trophies will be awarded to for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Prize money will be divided up as  50%, 30% and 20%.
    * Door prizes will be determined by drawing and the blind bogey.
    * All dogfish entered must be released alive and in good condition after weighing.
    * We are going to attempt to weigh every fish caught so each fish will be recorded and given a number. This number becomes the blind bogey number for the drawing. So the more fish you catch the more chances you have on winning.
    *  More later as we come up with things.
    * Check back for updates.

Everything you always wanted to know about Dogfish but were afraid to ask:

Dogfish are small sharks that hunt is schools of similar size and come in two varieties spiny and smooth. Typically they grow in length to about 5 feet but will live for 25 years or longer. Females tend to be larger than the males and give birth to their young.  Dogfish were once an important fishery for North Carolina as there meat was exported to Great Britain for their standard fish and chips.

The spiny dogfish migrate from canadian waters in the fall and inhabit the waters in North Carolina. North Carolina is about the southern most point for the spinys. Smooth dogfish can be found all along the east coast from the Bay of Fundy to Uruguay. 

Features of the spiny:

  • No anal fin
  • Spines in front of each dorsal fin
  • Irregular white spots present on sides and back of the body
  • Strongly oblique teeth in both jaws, with single cusp
  • No subterminal notch on caudal fin
  • Pectoral fins with curved rear margins
  • Narrow anterior nasal flap
  • The world record for the spiny is 15.7 taken on a rod an reel but a 21.6 pound one was once netted.

    Features of the smooth:
  • Can change colour
  • No dorsal fin spines
  • Prominent spiracle behind eye
  • Numerous small blunt teeth in both jaws 
  • The World Record for the Smooth is 26.75 pounds caught in Galveston Tx.
  • What do I need to catch Dogfish?

     Basically Dogfish catch themself so all you need is the desire to go. Tackle and bait of choice are meduim stout tackle and cut bait. Shrimp,squid, cut mullet and finger mullet are all common baits. 

    Things you should bring:

    * Clothing ranging from very warm and rain and wind resistance to lighter clothes if the weather is better.  In the 4 prevous years just about the complete gamut of weather has been experienced from freezing rain to sunsshine and temps into the 60s.

    * Normal other pier fishing equipment will come in handy for your comfort and enjoyment.





     Dear Pier Owner or Event Organizer, you can advertise your event free here for up to 60 days by contacting Roadkillal@aol.com. Events will be taken on a first come first serve basis.











































































































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